What’s The Gold Rate In Dubai ? (Updated)

What’s The Gold Rate In Dubai ? (Updated)

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Gold’s Performance Since The Nineties

If you take a look at the closing price of gold since 1996 you will see it’s consistency.

In the really short term you might find some drops against economy booms…

gold iraCollated using prices from Only Gold

But for long term gains and security the Gold rate in Dubai currently is certainly worth seriously considering.

Dubai is the City of Gold

dubai city of gold

If we look at the trends from 2016 we can see demand is ever growing.

There might not be a better time to invest in Dubai Gold than in 2017.

full year gold demandCourtesy of the World Gold Council

Who Has The Largest Gold Reverses

The World’s gold reverses are changing quite dramatically.

In the last few years in particularly China announced increasing its gold reserves by nearly 60%!

It just reiterates our how the World is trying to diversify its reserves away from the US dollar.

You can see below that the US still have the largest store of the precious metal…

But expert’s believe China won’t be far behind in years to come:

Top 10 Countries With The Largest Gold ReservesCollated using metrics from Forbes


Finally Storage Safety Is A Key Consideration

Something that people don’t always think about when considering the Gold rate in Dubai is it’s storage.

Choosing one which is going to store your precious metals in a secure manner.

They should be able to provide worldwide locations and segregated storage options.

So that your precious metals are separated from other clients and essentially you have your own section of the vault.

This will make for easier visit’s if you wish to attend the vault and inspect your precious metals…

And more importantly a speedy liquidation process.

So that you can get to your money as quickly as possible in the event that you need it.

dubai gold storage

Dubai, aka the City of Gold, is one of the world’s best jurisdictions to store your precious metals. The tax-free status of the country and the very low storage costs make Dubai a preferred storage option for many customers worldwide.

Regal Assets, are proud to offer world class storage facilities in partnership with Brink’s, with maximum security vaults located right in their building (Almas Towers) which also happens to be one the most prestigious and secure buildings in the entire Middle East.

dubai gold store

Benefits of Storing Gold in Dubai

  • Dubai is already one of the world’s biggest centres for trading gold and handles around a fifth of global annual gold production.
  • The DMCC has built the largest vault in the UAE in 2009. The vault is used for storing precious metals and uses the latest security equipment and inventory management systems. This vault is located in our office building and is shared with Brink’s.
  • Dubai has a long history of providing advanced infrastructure for new business and financial opportunities.
  • Dubai’s tax-free status has made it one of the cheapest places in the world to buy and store gold

Other Storage Options Available WorldWide with Brink’s

Prefer to keep your metals stored in another country? No problem, Regal Assets offer worldwide storage options through Brink’s, the world leading depository. Brink’s offers maximum security vaults that are fully insured and monitored around the clock using state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

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16. Our recommendation

The only company that we found that meets all of the factors was Regal Assets.

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